Little Wonder Record Albums

Wooden Box Album Exteriors
(15-record and 20-record sizes)

Wooden Box Album Interiors
(note pattern difference on bottom
and inside the front of the lid)

Box Album Interior

Box Album Exterior

Wooden Designed Box Exterior
(intended as a record box?)

Wooden Designed Box Interior

Snap Box Albums

Metal Albums
(some covers were designed,
others were pink)

Bold Graphics Albums
(each has 10 sleeves - some printed
for 10 records and some for 20)

Bold Graphics Albums

Bold Serif Letters Album
(came in 10-record and 20-record sizes)

Scripted Letters Album

General Scripted Letters Albums

General Record Albums
(note different binding techniques)

Debossed Record Albums

Scripted Bold Graphics Albums
(some record sleeves are green
while others are buff)

Sears(?) Record Albums
(note different binding techniques)

Wooden Carry Case Front

Wooden Carry Case Back

Wooden Carry Case Back Flap

Wooden Carry Case Interior
(some interiors have a label
"Made in U.S.A.")

Plain Record Album
(size suggests it was for
Little Wonder records)


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