Little Wonders

"Little Wonder" Phonograph

There are two controversies about this phonograph.- The first is whether this phonograph was designed to be sold with Little Wonder records.- That's unlikely, because this phonograph was designed to play only vertical records. -The phonograph at right has no hole in the tone arm for the thumb screw to enter when the reproducer is turned to play laterally recorded records. -Some other examples of this phonograph have both holes drilled, but that wouldn't explain why this one would only play verticals if it was originally designed to play Little Wonders.

The second controversy is what the original crank looked like.- There are at least five contenders -- each with strong supporters -- and no clear winner (see photos below):

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I have not yet found any advertisements for this specific phonograph.- The advertisement below seems to feature the phonograph, but has a very odd concatenated name, "Little Wonder Vodaphone," selling for $7.50 (and note that the phonograph was being sold with that name before Little Wonder records were launched).- The phonograph was offered by the William Galloway Company of Waterloo, Iowa, a large mail-order company providing farm implements to midwestern farmers (the second photo courtesy of Sam Moore writing in Farm Collector).- And some phonograph dealers appear to have replaced the original label with one of their own (see example below).

The Wisconsin Farmer,
December 11, 1913, p. 17

Galloway catalog photo showing the family
fun that results from the purchase of a
Little Wonder Vodaphone
(likely 1917)

Dealer label on Little Wonder phonograph
(courtesy of Stephen McMillan)

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