About Me

About Me
  My Little Wonder collection began more than thirty years ago when my parents gave me a gift of a "brownie box camera" portable phonograph that came with 45 Little Wonder records.--Some of the Little Wonder records you can listen to are those from this original collection.- In my wanderings over the years that followed I never came across more of these records, but I can't say that I looked very hard, either. -I did notice, though, that the records in my collection were numbered from 4 to 1332, so I had the suspicion that more existed.

Then, in early 1999, I needed to understand eBay® for a project I was doing for work. -Never having been on the site before, I quickly discovered that in order to understand how it worked I would need to look at some auctions… but which ones? -I thought, "Let's type in 'Little Wonder records' and see what happens." -Well, to my complete amazement, seven auctions appeared on the screen. -I bid on all of them, won all of them, and the rest -- as they say -- is history. -I now have more than 1,500 of these records in my collection, including multiple takes and label variations, and I've expanded into all of the other products that relate to Little Wonders, like Bubble Books, Sears catalogs, advertisements, etc. -I'm always interested in adding to my knowledge and collection, and have lots of duplicates and other items for sale (see my Sales page), so if you have information to share or you're interested in selling, buying or trading please contact me.

I gave a presentation about Little Wonder records at the May 2010 Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) conference.- You can listen to my presentation, entitled "Now It Can Be Told: Uncovering the History of Little Wonder Records (and Bubble Books)," by clicking here and you can access the PowerPoint deck here.-

The video below was created by the New York Post for their May 2, 2010 online edition:



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